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101. No Sir (O Tell Me Why, O Tell Me Truly)

102. Mountain Dew (Down Under the Hill)

103. Florence Ran Through the Weevily Wheat

104. Guinea Negro Song

105. unknown

106. Everybody Works But Father

107. As I Went Down to Simon's Mill (Railroad Dinah Gal)

108. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0018

109. My Pretty Quadroon

110. John Saw de 144,000

111. On the Field of Battle

112. Dublin Bay

113. Skin and Bones (There Was an Old Woman)

114. Farmer In the Dell [Game]

115. Johnny Sands

116. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0011

117. I Had a Little Ship on the Ocean (Little Sally)

118. Soon as My Foot Struck Zion

119. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0019

120. Little Sallie Water

121. Page's Train Runs So Fast

122. Animal Song

123. In a Cool Shady Nook (You, You, You)

124. Shortnin' Bread

125. When the Bees Are In the Hive

126. Come All Ye Girls of Adam's Race

127. Negro Song

128. Georgia Buck

129. No Hidin' Place

130. Just Down to the Gate

131. Don't Tell Pa

132. Mama Sent Me to the Spring

133. Malinda May

134. Poor Parker

135. In a Cool Shady Nook

136. Baby Bunting (Bye O Baby Bunting)

137. Mama Only Loves Her Boy (or Honey)

138. John, He Baptized Jesus

139. Lillian Brown

140. White Gal - Yaller Gal - Black Gal [House text]

141. Old Rosin the Beau

142. unknown

143. Joe Bowers, I'm a Good old Rebel

144. Red River Valley (Bright Sherman Valley

145. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0009

146. Raccoon Up a Tree

147. Home On the Range (Antelope Song)

148. Captain Jinks of the Horse Marine

149. Jimmie Suttonton

150. Hush, Hush - Mockingbird

151. Rosa Lee the Prarie Flower

152. The Dummy Line

153. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0021

154. Lord Thomas and Fair Annet (One Morning InMay)

155. I Have a Ship On the Ocean

156. The Old Grey Mare

157. Farmer Boy

158. unknown

159. Barbara Allen

160. Morality

161. As I Went Down In the Valley

162. Sparking On a Sunday Night

163. Lord Thomas and Fair Annet (Lord Thomas)

164. Sweet Sunny South (Take Me Home)

165. There's a Green Tree Standing In Paradise

166. Possum Up A Simmon Tree

167. Going to Heaven By the Light of the Moon

168. She Gave No Kisses One (Kissing Song)

169. Faithful Friend

170. Will You Love Me When I'm Old

171. Drop O'Dew

172. unknown

173. Fond Devotion (Once I Loved a Fond Devotion)

174. I Was Born Ten Thousand Years Ago

175. Baptist, Baptist is My Name (Roll, Jordan, Roll)

176. I'm Climbing Up Zion's Hill

177. Naomi Wise

178. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0025

179. Rise, Shiner, Mourner

180. Little Brown Jug

181. Bobbie Shaftoe

182. The Duke of York

183. Chewing Gum

184. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

185. Old Man, Old Man

186. The Farmer Boy

187. When a Man Gets the Blues

188. unknown

189. Cold Mountain (or Gold Mountain)

190. Too-hoo Says the Owl

191. Old Molly Hare

192. Micheal Roy

193. Wish I Had a Pig in a Pen

194. Shake a Hand

195. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0017

196. Maid Freed From the Gallows (Hangman, Hangman)

197. Here Come Three Dukes A-Riding

198. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0020

199. Little Mary Fagan (or Phagan)

200. Workin' On the Railroad Forty Cents a Day