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1. Singing the Ten Commandments

2. Down Benath the Diving Bell (Pretty Maggie)

3. Put the Dogs On Him

4. Jim

5. Old Grimes (Old Grumbly is Dead)

6. When I am Far Away Somewhere in France

7. Faithful Friend

8. Tom Dula

9. Run Here Doctor

10. The Weeping Willow (Willow Tree)

11. James Harris (The House Carpenter)

12. unknown

13. The Lonesome Pine

14. The Old Ship of Zion

15. Sweet Long Ago

16. Granny

17. Yonder Come a Yaller Gal

18. The Drunkard's Lone Child

19. It Ain't A Gwine Rain No More

20. Farewell (You Are False)

21. unknown

22. unknown

23. I Came From Alabama

24. unknown

25. Frog In the Meadow

26. unknown

27. The Letter that Never Came

28. Mississippi Lawyer [Jig No Words]

29. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0002

30. Bonnie Bess

31. Paper of Pins (Little Lap Dog)

32. Good News Chariots Comin'

33. Charlie Brooks

34. Geordie (I'd Fight for the Life of Geordie)

35. Frankie and Johnny (Franky Barker)

36. The Poor Married Man

37. Hard Times

38. I Have No Mother Now

39. Three Leaves of Shamrock

40. Green Grows the Wild

41. Uncle Bud

42. Seven Long Years I've Been Married

43. It Blows and It Snows

44. When You Hear that Turtle Dove (If You Meet a Woman in the Morning)

45. What You Goin' to Do When the World's On Fire?

46. Old Time

47. Went Down Town

48. The Miller (The Jolly Miller)

49. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0005

50. The Scolding Wife

51. The Broken Heart

52. Wreck of Old Ninety Seven

53. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0003

54. How I Love the Old Black Cat

55. Old Molly Hare

56. Captain I'm Driving

57. Roll Down Dem Bales o' Cotton

58. Ginger Blue

59. O When I Die Don't Bury Me Deep

60. While the Southern Boys are Fighting

61. The Blind Child (The Blind Girl's Prayer)

62. Bull In the Meadows (Run Sallie My Gal)

63. The Lover's Lament (Little Molly)

64. The Fatal Wedding

65. Did You Ever Go A-Fishing?

66. Sadie Ray

67. Goin' to Heaven With a Banjo

68. Through the Woods, Through the Bushes

69. Red White and Blue

70. Pennsylvania Boy

71. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0004

72. Groundhog

73. Raven Black Hair

74. The Broken Heart

75. Battleship Maine

76. Parting Words

77. Sweetest Evelina

78. The Blue Eyed Girl

79. The Jealous Lovers

80. The Sweet Trinity (Golden Willow Tree)

81. In the Baggage Couch Ahead

82. Down By the Old Mill Stream

83. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0014

84. The Needle's Eye

85. Stanin' In the Need of Prayer

86. Old Soap Gourd [Game]

87. Some Folks Say Dat a Nigger Won't Steal

88. I Wish I Was Single

89. Black Eyed Daisy (Send for the Fiddle)

90. Old Satan's Mad

91. Draw a Bucket of Water

92. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0015

93. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0006

94. Raccoon Has a Bushy Tail

95. I Got a Gal (or "I Got a Girl")

96. Ain't Gonna Rain No More

97. Goodbye My Blue Bell

98. Reuben's Train

99. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0016

100. Honey In the Gun